From the album Worth of Souls

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Written by Jason Crabb, Jason Ingram
℗ Essential Music Publishing

Performed by Charley Jenkins

It hurts to see you this way
I'm lost for words 
there's so much I am wanting to say
Though I don't understand 
I'll hold your hand
I'll hold your hand 

If I had it my way 
I'd take this from you 
but God, He knows what He’s doing
So here while our hearts break 
we have to believe that God,
He knows what He’s doing!
Our God, He knows what He’s doing 

He's never failed us before
He has shown us His goodness,
His love will endure
His ways are higher than our own
Whatever the road, 
whatever the road 


One day we will see
One day we will find
All the answers to the question why