From the album Worth of Souls

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(Jenkins, Worth, Hull, Cardall)
Performed by Charley Jenkins

A young bride on her knees
Asking God, “please, don’t let it rain.”
With the groom and family
outside waiting on her special day.
“Please let the clouds blow by,
O give us clear blue skies,” she prays.
Down the road a few miles out of town
A farmer’s on his knees.
His crops are dying in his fields,
Won’t last another week.
“Don’t let the clouds go blow by,
Let rain drops fill the skies,” he prays.

Sometimes all we see
Is our slice of reality
But things are not as simple 
as they seem to be
There’s times hard as we pray
Heaven has another way
And even though there’s nothing faith can do
sometimes that mountain doesn’t move.

Gathered in a waiting room a family hopes
that the doctors wrong
when he says the machines have kept her
But she’s already gone
“Our daughter’s way to young
Don’t let her days be done,” they pray.
Three flours up and just down the hall
A little one’s shutting down
He’s been the first name on the list
Going on six months now
“Pease let this be the day, 
A new heart’s on it’s way,” he prays.


Hope one day I can see
All the strokes in the master piece
Then finally understand how they fit
In the master plan.